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Just Breathe - Sinus Blend

Here in Minnesota the weather this past week has brought to mind the upcoming Fall season. And anyone in that state of mind is probably already thinking about winter and cold / flu season. This leads me to the topic for today…the blend I refer to as ‘Just Breathe’.

I have chronic sinus infections and through the years it has brought me to a certain routine that I follow all year long. The newest of that routine began during my education through Aromahead Institute the Winter of 2017 while getting my certification training. It involves using this blend in a diffuser in the bedroom and my own personal inhaler whenever my sinuses start to feel blocked.

The blend contains Lavender (lavandula augustifolia), Sweet orange (citrus sinesis), Frankincense (boswellia carterii), Cypress (cupressus sempervirens), Helichrysum (helichrysum bracteriferum) and Spikenard (narostachys jatamansi).

Since this was one of my first blends, Lavender was how I started since it is a good all-purpose oil. It also has chemical properties for supporting your immune system, reducing inflammation and pain. Next came Sweet Orange and Frankincense to the mixture. (I am surprised that not all my blends have these three oils in them)

The first thing about Orange I notice is the aroma and how uplifting it is. Who would not want to this to be part of a blend th