Fellowship In Essential Oils Podcast | Patchouli Review

Written on 03/27/2024
Jeanne Kargel

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When someone says Patchouli, my memory automatically goes to the aroma of walking into Head Shops in my youth. For me, these retail places were associated with selling and buying CDs in the pre-streaming world. (Yes these places also had paraphernalia for the use of cannabis consumption.) 

Fast forward to my start of using essential oils and I was hesitant to buy a bottle of it for fear of what my memory was holding. However what I learned was that the recollection aroma was not even close to what is inside a bottle of essential oil. My first lesson in synthetic vs. natural aromas! 

Are you still doubtful on the aroma of this oil, maybe listening (or watching) to the how and why of this plant might help you?

Fellowship in Essential Oil with Adam and Liz is by far my favorite weekly podcast to listen to. The way they work in history, mythology, chakras, physical and emotional conditions is amazing. In the case of Patchouli, knowing that it is an aphrodisiac it makes sense for the popularity back in the 60’s with the love movement.

The grounding ability this oil has is usually the reason I recommend it to people who are experiencing anxiety. Adam’s term about this oil helping you be in the presence goes along this same thinking in my opinion. 

A physical property which I was not aware of before listening is its ability for skin care including using it in your daily routine. I am pretty sure you are going to be seeing this oil in one of my upcoming make and take in-person classes!

Liz mentions her book that you can get for free on Amazon which is a wonderful resource! 

Here is the link: https://a.co/d/0ELG8ex

 One last thing to mention is that this oil repels snakes! I have a deadly fear of snakes so I just might have to create a spray using this if I find myself going out into nature.

At time of this posting, I do not have a link to the next Fellowship in Essential Oils Master Class. As soon as it comes out I will let you know. I am quite fond of joining these classes.


Until next time! Happy Blending, Jeanne aka JAK