About JAK and Voodoo Blends

Cake decorating, candy making and photography are a few hobbies that have formed who I am but it wasn't until Aromatherapy came into my life that I found my true purpose. 

Ask any aromatherapist what their favorite essential oil is and you usually get the response about how it is hard to pick one. I do not have this problem, it is Sweet Orange ever since 2017. 

Tag line: Add one drop of Sweet Orange to everything in your life

Where did the business name come from?  

The name came to me fairly easy, a handful of people commented about me making things to turn them into a newts, messing with portions or creating voodoo concoctions. Instead of hiding from it, I embraced it and decided on Voodoo Blends….to make it personal and unique I added my initials JAK. (JAK is also a nickname from my youth)

I live in Richfield with two cats and two dogs. I am very close to my family…so close that my sister lives next door and mom is less than 2 miles away. 

I have spent the majority of my life in either Richfield or Bloomington but my roots originate from St. Paul and Lake Elmo/Woodbury. My rewarding full-time job takes me to Hopkins five days a week where I work with some awesome people and use my creative in the architectural world. 

I love music! I can’t play an instrument (besides spoons) and I am not the best singer (but love karaoke) however the feeling / emotions / memories associated with songs is the sprinkles on a doughnut or the cherry on a sundae. Music is there for motivation, to celebrate life, to put you in the correct mood, take out your frustrations, tap your toe, put you to sleep, etc…..I think you get the point.  For naming my products, I bought in my love of music. I try to find the correct song title to correspond with the blend or what the blend should help with. My blend for aiding in sleep is called Dream On after the Aerosmith song. The Christmas version that is perfect for the upcoming holiday season is called O Tanenbaum because it smells just like a Christmas tree. 

Hopefully I did not give too much of myself away…and an air of mystery around Voodoo Blends by JAK still exists. Or maybe now you understand my enthusiasm for EOS when you ask me a question about them. 

Jeanne aka JAK