Why You Need Manifestation Roller Bottles?

Manifestation definition is the act of bringing a tangible desire or goal into reality, often by putting international energy into bringing these goals to life

These roller bottles are particular essential oils diluted with fractioned coconut oils that include gemstones to focus that intention.

The creation of these products was about a 6-9 month process that included intuition, research and help from my friends. These are a labor of love! The six available blends are insprired by the chakras which are the centers of energy within the body.

Crown and Third Eye: Into The Mystid (Cleansing)

Throat: Unstoppable (Communication / Confidence)

Heart: Higher Love (Self-Love / Love)

Solar Plexus: I Feel Lucky (Wealth-Abundance)

Sacral: Can't Stop The Feeling (Happy-Joy)

Root: Hold On (Grounding)

For individual prices, see each product - Discount if you purchase all six at once $60 ($11 savings)