Spearmint Hydrosol

Spearmint Aromatic Water

All the same great qualities of the essential oil but not as concentrated.  Does not need to be diluted and can be applied directly to skin


  • Skin Care: It can be used as a facial toner or mist to refresh and cool the skin. Its gentle, astringent properties make it suitable for all skin types, particularly for soothing irritation and balancing oily or acne-prone skin.

  • Hair Care: Spearmint hydrosol can be applied as a hair rinse or scalp spray to stimulate the scalp, reduce dandruff, and promote healthy hair growth. Its refreshing and cooling effects can also help alleviate scalp itchiness and irritation

  • Aromatherapy: The sweet, minty aroma of spearmint hydrosol is uplifting and invigorating. It can help improve mood, increase alertness, and reduce feelings of stress and fatigue. It can be sprayed in the air, used in a diffuser, or added to bathwater for an invigorating experience.

  • Digestive Aid: Spearmint hydrosol is known for its digestive benefits. It can be taken internally (in small amounts and with proper guidance) to help soothe digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion, and nausea.

  • First Aid: The cooling and anti-inflammatory properties of spearmint hydrosol make it useful for soothing sunburns, insect bites, and minor skin irritations. It can also be used as a compress for sore muscles and joints.

  • Household Uses: Spearmint hydrosol can be used as a natural air freshener, linen spray, or in homemade cleaning products to provide a fresh, minty scent and mild disinfecting properties.

Spearmint hydrosol is valued for its gentle and refreshing properties, making it a versatile addition to skincare, hair care, aromatherapy, and natural remedies. Its sweet, minty fragrance and soothing qualities provide both therapeutic and sensory benefits.